what about now?

16 07 2008

what about today?

i hate new day lately this day.. my new classmates screw my whole day. living in hell.

i don’t know if i can survive or how long will i survive. it’s not healthy for my mental.

making me a new person i don’t wanna be. making me facing the truth again.. the awfully one..

i’ve been left alone.. i’ve been pushed away from my bestbud.. how can i keep this strength? i’m alone there.

i could be somebody else people don’t want me to be, but it will only disappoint people ’round me.

i am gratefully thanks to God for giving me the best boyfriend which also my best friend and my personal psychiatric (hehe). he convinced me that we’re in this together. no matter how sad, how low, how deep it will be. in any circumstances. rid him away is like moving mountains. something i couldn’t do. we discovered our dreams. our big deals to future. our effort of the life we live in future if we study hard now. and that make me realized.. the answer is there.. i don’t need to be so popular to be comfort. i just need to study to reach our dreams. that’s all i gotta do.


Hello world!

16 07 2008

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