heart of doom

15 08 2008

it takes time when i gotta heal myself from pain. and i can deal with it.

but when it comes time to heal myself for the future, how could i possibly deal with it?

it’s gonna happen when it’s supposed to happen.

doom.. reality over me. and this bizzare love circle, could it possibly last? then i should take my time. to clear it all. cleaning my brain. why do all those people said reality?? i don’t like reality! it’s never been good. it’s always as bad as usual. and brings me to my vulnerable side.

but it can only make me stronger than ever. to learn and to fall. to run from the edge. again, love saved me. to encourage each other. to be at one and another heart.. to be hugged like it’s the first time.. to be loved like there’s no one else. it can only make me stronger than yesterday.

tho promise never meant to stay forever, but it stays in heart for forever. and sweet things i knew, was when he said sweet words. again and again, love saved me from my enrage..

so far away, i wish you were here. with you by my side, i’ll fight and defend!




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