bad wednesday

13 08 2008

huff.. udah udaaah. semuanya nyebelin hari ini. mana gw kangen pula ma dia. dia kmana siih?? sibuk yah? ato ngapain?

PS: what if he knows? wait, does he knows??

mungkin aku salah.. tapi.. apa iya? ah, mungkin aku bener.. tapi.. apa iya? inilah susahnya hidup di era modern. susah ada orang yg bener2 dipercaya. once you loved someone, love will betray you. or maybe that person, himself. i couldn’t believe.. i was overwhelmed with glory, victory, happiness when i’m with him.. but nowadays, i don’t know where i could find him.

lost in my own heart. desperate in my own trust. believe him or not? his words taste so sweet. i would like to taste that kind of sweetness again. but then comes the reality. the bitter one. very bitter.

well, shit happens all the time.




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