great start for great FUTURE

23 07 2008

emang bener kata pepatah, kita yang menabur kita pula yang menuai. nah, gw lagi belajar keras neh biar dapet masa depan cerah. bright future coming ahead.

btw, i am starting to study hard from now on. i must liking the subjects. that’s the key of my success. well, if i can be classified as success. hehe. however, there must be some problem in that subject. well, i can say that. but i can and i would risks all my great time now, just to have great time later. when we have fun now, we won’t having fun in the end. so, that’s why i sacrificing my great time, happy hour and playong hour and exchange it with study time. it’s ok. i have lots of dreams, ya know!

well, point is, i’m opening my new page of life. and fill it with good things.

*for MOM: wish me luck, mom. i’m working hard to get to this. need ur prayer.

*for DAD: daddy.. just gimme the lessons i need, and teacher i need. i’ll giving u my bestest.

*for ALL: wish me all the luck in the world to get me through this tough year. ok. GBU. lov ya ol.




One response

28 07 2008

For mom,dad,all. Where’s me? For my boyfriend,mana,..kok gk ada.. Hhehe..

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